Acoustic Themes


A collection of unique guitar based instrumental moods written and performed by Carmelo.

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A word from Kiki:

“After chatting with audiences at the end of our concerts, it occurred to me that Carmelo has many people who love his musicianship and I’ve often seen him deep in conversation about guitars and tunings and music in general.
So for all those supportive and interested listeners of our music it seemed like a great idea to make some of Carmelo’s acoustic guitar pieces available on our web site.

All the tracks are very atmospheric and take you on a personal journey, from the very Celtic ‘Eddies Theme’ dedicated to a dear family member, to the uplifting African rhythm of ‘Shamwari Nights’ inspired by our trip to The Shamwari Game Reserve where we played at the opening of the Julie Ward Centre for the Born Free Foundation.

I am looking forward to having this CD so that I can play it at home!”

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